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Our mission is to help organizations with start-up, growth and transformation by inviting our team of consultants  to share expertise in a variety of areas.

 01. OUR Strategy

Organizations often need support with operations, finance and business planning.  Additionally, they need someone “down the hall” that has expertise in these areas to ask an occasional question.

02. our solution

To provide the appropriate mix of “retained” expertise on a 1-2-hour basis per week, as well as targeted projects, such as business planning, transformation or specific, company-based needs identified through ongoing conversations with the customer.

03. Our Focus

Located in the New River Valley and Southwest Virginia, our focus on three types of organizations: Emerging (Startups), Growing (1-2 yrs), and Expanding (3-5 yrs) businesses.  Our experience shows that businesses face unique challenges at each of these phases.  

The 636 Story

“Do the right thing – regardless of consequences”

The roots of this belief go back to my great-grandfather.  He served “at the pleasure of the Governor” as the first Chief of Police for the State of Maine and was issued the license plate numbered “636”.  After several years, he and his team were investigating a bank robbery.  Reporting to the Governor, he indicated that they would have the crime solved in the next few days.  The Governor, rather than express satisfaction, asked my great-grandfather to stop the investigation.  My great-grandfather was surprised and refused.  He was then relieved of his duties and fired.  Long story short, several months later, it was discovered that the Governor (and his associates) were involved in the bank robbery.  This was the first instance associated with the number “636” and doing the right thing – regardless of the consequences.  Several years later, my grandfather was struggling as an Army Air Corp recruiter (primarily based on not having “the Maine accent”) and borrowed the car with the “636” license plate.  By using the car, he was identified as a “local” and soon found his way through the obstacles and became a successful recruiter.  The license plate is still in the family – and the number has grown to have more meaning with each passing year.  In fact, I faced a situation on my second day in a “turnaround” role for a small apartment complex in which I was injured defending a resident from a non-resident.  Following my great-grandfather’s example, I was back on the job the next morning – and my team won the “Most Improved” Award five months later.  We have incorporated this behavior into the way we treat our customers on a day to day basis.

Meet Robert


A Team Of Professionals

Robert Towle

Managing Partner

Provides ongoing consulting and project management expertise.

Jake Sharp

Executive Advisor

Provides consulting and project engagement expertise.


Robert’s attention to detail and professionalism are real assets. He is organized, efficient, competent, and has a very good rapport with peers and members of his team. Robert’s collaborative leadership approach was very key down the stretch at Cendant.

David Kelley

Chief Financial Officer at SIB Fixed Cost Reduction

Robert has a strong understanding of finance and business related processes and operations. He is highly effective with handling change within an organization in support of executing strategic initiatives.

Alan Porto

President, CPA, CIO Agility, Inc.

Robert is an excellent leader with the ability to create a team atmosphere of integrity and trust. His strength in building and retaining high performance teams in a culture of ambiguity and change is exceptional. I recommend Robert for any leadership role where process improvement, creating high performance teams and cultivating an atmosphere of efficiency are important components of success.

Barbara Acciardi

Director, Project and Portfolio Management

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